Here I am…this is me

For those of you who hate the code. For those of you who reject the cult. For those of you who feel unheard. You are not alone. I was exactly where you are now and I understand the frustration you’re feeling. My name is Andrei. And if what I just said is way too close to how you’re feeling…come and join me on this musical adventure.

So, what’s the deal with me and music?

Music has been in my life since 1994. I first started playing the piano in 1994 and then moved on to guitar in 2005. I’ve garnered a lot of information about a whole host of instruments since then (see also, my orchestral covers), and even though I may not be able to play them all, I’ve learned a great deal about how you can best combine them to create an epic masterpiece.

So, why should you become a supporter?

By enrolling and becoming a supporter, you will gain access to the following bonus features:

  • early access to all my new releases (1 week earlier than the official release)
  • access to exclusive songs you will not hear elsewhere
  • access to music courses and e-books (ranging from music theory to guitar playing and songwriting; the library is ever-growing and I will be focusing a lot in this direction in 2021)
  • behind the scenes content (be the first to know what music and courses are coming next and how I record my songs)

Am I stuck for life in this?

There is no binding contract. You can cancel whenever you like. No hard feelings 🙂 .

Who’s the one doing God’s work with that art?

That would be Andreea Moraru. Find all of her work here. Also, give her a follow on Instagram.

Haven’t I seen your name on some other blog?

It may very well be the case. I also write from time to time on the Upstack blog and on Medium.

Got any questions?

For any and all questions, feel free to reach out to me via the contact page.