Learn how to create realistic songs with just your computer and a bunch of free software


Wanted to create a song but couldn’t because you lacked a certain instrument? Then this is the book for you. By the end of this, you will learn the core music theory concepts required to create a song and then you will be using that knowledge to actually create a song using nothing but your computer. And the best part about it? Everything can be done using free-to-use programs. Do I have your curiosity?

In this book, we are going to learn all about the following concepts:

  • basics of music theory
  • MIDI, VSTs (virtual instruments) and DAWs (programs used to record and create music)
  • songwriting tips and tricks
  • actually writing a song from top to bottom
  • using MIDI, VSTs and DAWs to make the song sound realistic

Format: Downloadable PDF (link will be sent upon purchase)

Access: Available to all VIP Supporters, alongside anyone who has purchased it.

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