An experimental and innovative way of learning how to play the guitar.


Ready to learn how to play guitar, but in a different way? In this book, we will be learning how to play the guitar by joining Steven, a pre-teen who receives such an instrument as a gift, and then, with the help of his twin brother Adrian, start to understand the intricacies of the guitar and how he can master it. Join Steven and Adrian as the latter, a highly disciplined, dedicated learner, tries to teach the former how to play the guitar…and how to learn to be patient. Will he be able to do it?

Watch as Steven gets accustomed to the guitar and slowly but surely makes sure his brother starts losing his mind while attempting to teach our lovable long-haired goof the following concepts:

  • what a guitar is and how it functions
  • basic and advanced chords
  • rhythm playing
  • the CAGED system
  • different types of picking
  • lead guitar techniques such as sweep picking, tapping, etc.
  • many other things

Format: Downloadable PDF (link will be sent upon purchase)

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