Hey everyone. It came to pass that today, my latest single is officially released.

Since it’s November and you know, people are starting to get ready for the holidays, I figured what better song to choose than a Christmas song. And since everything started back in February with some orchestral covers, I figured it would be a fitting way to have my final release of this year be an orchestral cover as well.

Out of all the Christmas songs out there, this one by Shakin’ Stevens always was my favorite. I don’t know why, but I suspect it’s because of the fact that it’s an upbeat song overall and it actually gives you some good vibes. And Lord knows we need more of that this year.

The song is done entirely using VSTs and all the VSTs used are part of EastEwst Quantum Leap’s packages. In particular, this one uses the Hollywood Orchestra Gold Bundle package and the Ministry of Rock 2 one (for bass and drums).

So yeah, you can stream the song on Spotify using this link. I hope you enjoy it. And if it makes your day even 1% better, then I can consider it a successful release :).

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